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About VirtueSkool

An ultimate online institution management system improves your value and profits

VirtueSkool is a complete institution management system, used to manage administrative and academic activities such as online admission, fees, time-table, attendance, homework, assignments, examination, human resource, payroll, library, transport, inventory control, accounting system, communication through its mobile app to parents, teachers, management and a lot more...

First of its kind in the globe and A path breaking innovative tool.

To develop an ERP software and Parents App requires a lot of effort and it's pretty expensive. That why every software development company charges hefty upfront fee with annual maintenance charges or subscription fee per student on monthly basis.

But, VirtueSkool is tailored to give complete Institution ERP software and its app at an affordable fee.

Effective communication

Only a two-way communication between the institution and parents can bring a strong bond between the two, but its time consuming process as it involves calling or meeting them in person on daily basis.

VitueSkool gives you the solution called communication centre to make the communication between both, easy and instant.

Revolutionize School Management System with VirtueSkool's Innovative Software

Empowering Schools with Streamlined Solutions

VirtueSkool revolutionizes school management by offering a comprehensive and user-friendly school management system and school management software. We understand the unique challenges faced by indian schools, and our software is specifically designed to address them, enabling educators to focus on what matters most - nurturing young minds

About The Founder

A L Deivanthan


Mr. AL. Deivanathan, an educationalist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has dedicated this institution management software and its mobile app at an affordable cost to the educational world to mark his 25 years of valuable service in the field of education.








More productive

An ultimate online institution management system improves the productivity and profits. It removes your repetitive works and improves your human resource efficiency and accuracy. It improves your institution's reputation by prompt and effective communication. It multiplies new admission referrals through high visibility.

Eco friendly

Cloud storage and mobile app communications reduce the paper usage and your cost by avoiding manual diary, circulars, event reminders, event photos, payment reminders, leave applications, examination report cards etc. The use of paper and files are needed only when there is a demand.

Cost savings

System is developed according to the industry's best practices. These 'tried-and-true' processes bring major benefits to the table for institutions of all sizes. It also allows institutions to standardize their own processes and systems, which further enhances productivity and efficiency. And many processes are automated, errors and costs are greatly reduced.

Multiple levels of data security

It is streamlined in such a way that no parent can access the other student's data, nor a teacher can access other class data. No institution can access your data.

On-line and off-line admission system

On-line application processing system makes the intake process easy and simple. It has admission process module consisting of admission application, admission approval process, classes/courses, sections/batches, transport routes, hostel allocation with admission card generation.

Front office management

Day to day front office works like phone calls, inward and outward letters, visitors' appointments, admission enquiry etc., are fully automated.

Academics management

The entire academic related works like class allocation, subject allocation, class teacher and subject teacher allocation, etc., are automated.

Time table generation

Automatic class time table and teacher's time table generation are carefully designed with teacher's substitution time table, which are most time saving process. It has smart features like class timings and customised weekdays.

Student's attendance management

Online leave application through mobile app and attendance marking system are also available.

Examination management

Examination Scheduling, Online examination, result announcement, Students progress analysis and Teachers' performance analysis are done instantly.

Calendar management

Entire year events can be well updated and managed to help the parents and teachers to be prepared in advance.

Homework management

Daily Homework and assignments, completion and evaluation status are communicated automatically through mobile App to parents and students.

Daily communications

Announcements and Notifications are designed to communicate the daily activities, greetings, online education contents, diary contents, event details, invitations, examination schedules, PTM and many more.

Auto-generated message

Student's birthday greetings, payment last date reminders and exam dates intimations are generated automatically and sent to particular parents through mobile app.

Suggestions Box

New admission referrals, its concerns and feedback of the parents can be addressed with this Suggestions Box.

Library management

Management of library books like adding new books, issue, return, pending are all automated.

Accounting system

The entire accounting system required for the institutions are handled in this module such as account head creation, receipt, payment, journal, contra, daybook, cash book, bank book, ledgers, trial balance, Income over Expenditure statement and Balance Sheet.

Human resource management

The entire teaching and non teaching staff payroll related process such as employee creation, attendance marking, scale of pay definition, pay slip generation, payments, and payables are fully automated.

Inventory control system

The entire inventory control system required for the institutions are systemized such as supplier management, product management, stock issue, return, stock register, purchase register, issue register, purchase and return registers, stock ledgers, stock reports, etc.,

School Conveyance tracking system

All vehicle information, spare vehicle assignment and movements can be tracked live to ensure the child's safety.

Hostel management system

The entire hostel requirements like assigning warden, room allocation, room transfer, room vacate, visitors register are all automated.

Fee management system

Fee closing date intimation, fee paid and payment due details are automatically sent to parents with online payment option.

Events Management

Manage different types of events such as sports, cultural, field trip, excursion, industrial visit, camp, celebrations, competitions, etc.,

Infirmary Management

The health records of both staff and students are maintained, complete infirmary records such as history of the patient, medical status, illness type, treatment, etc.,

Learning Management System

Learning content in text and video, Unlimited practice tests for Foundation, NEET, IIT-JEE Main & Advanced, Daily Quiz, Scheduling of different online sessions, hosting of sessions, live streaming, attendance system, etc.,

Polling System

Managing the student's polling system such as defining different types of elections, online polling with criteria and announcing the results.

Certificate Generation

The identity cards design, different events certificate design, academic related certificates design, generating the certificates & ID for many students, printing of different ids and certificates.

Parent Mobile App

Handy App to know all about the student's information, homework, attendance, exams, exam results, progress report, events, notifications, announcement, auto-generated greetings & intimations, daily quiz, transport & hostel information, fee paid details with online payment option, Competitive exams like Foundation, NEET, IIT-JEE Main & Advanced Unlimited Test Series, etc.

Reporting system

Multiple reports can be generated and monitored instantly from anywhere. It provides "end-to-end" services.

System settings

Institutional settings, multi-user settings with different roles, Academic year / Session activation, Financial year settings etc.,

Why VirtueSkool?

User friendly

VirtueSkool online Institution Management Software is easy to work even on your first login without any instructions. All you need is the basic knowledge of operating a computer.

Cloud based system

VirtueSkool is an Online Institution Management System. You do not have to install anything on your computer. It means you use it in any of your favourite browser.

Easily accessible everywhere

VirtueSkool is hosted on the cloud, which means, students, teachers, parents and the admins can always access VirtueSkool on the go from anywhere.

Use in any Institution

VirtueSkool is the ultimate solution for any kind of educational institutions like school, college, university, tuition center, training center, coaching institute, etc., which needs to manage students, teachers and a whole lot more.

Group Institution

VirtueSkool offers special provision to control group of institutions (that is more than one institution in a group) for the head of the group.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Virtueskool?

    VirtueSkool is a complete institution management system, which can be used to manage administrative and academic activities such as online admission, fee, time table, attendance, homework, assignment, examination, human resource, payroll, library, transportation, inventory control, accounting system, communication through its mobile app to teachers and parents and many more...

  • You don't require any software installation. Because VirtueSkool is a user friendly cloud-based system.

  • We give high priority to maintain your institution data in a safe and secured manner. We offer full privacy to your data as per industry standards. The data remain fully encrypted once stored.

  • All the historical data will be maintained at centralized storage for certain years. You can access your data even after the academic year is rolled-over.


Please feel free to contact us for any queries.

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